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research and inovation

【technical innovation management】

china lucky owns national enterprise technical center, and has been successively listed as “national postdoctoral research station”, “national intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise” and “foreign intelligence introduction experiment unit” by the ministry of state personnel, state intellectual property bureau and other units.
china lucky has been awarded as “national innovative enterprise” jointly by most (ministry of science and technology), sasac (state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council) and acftu (all-china federation of trade union).

【lucky innovation culture】
only innovation is a way out, innovation starts from me.

【lucky innovative platform】
in order to meet the requirement of strategic development, to realize the long-term goal of enterprise development program, china lucky group corporation (hereinafter referred to as “china lucky”) set up a multi-level technological innovation system, in which the company senior leaders are as decision-makers of technical innovation; the r&d institute of china lucky (the core institute of technology center), r&d department of subsidiary companies and business divisions, domestic scientific research institutions/universities and colleges and foreign specialists are as implementers of technical innovation; functional departments, who provide fund, condition, resource, service and other supports, are as supporters.
china lucky owns national enterprise technical center as research and development platform, and owns 10 research and development institutes which represented by r&d institute of china lucky. the detailed information please refers to technical innovation organizational chart of china lucky.

【lucky innovation team】
talented persons create lucky, lucky produces talented persons.
china lucky owns a strong self-dependent innovation team. this team possesses more than 2600 professional and technical personnel, including 1 academician of the chinese academy of engineering, more than 20 doctors and more than 200 masters. according to the technical title, china lucky owns 46 professor rank senior engineers, more than 360 senior professional technicians and about 750 intermediate professional technicians.


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