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business philosophy of lucky
---- development and innovation with our concerted effort ----

    success is always from courage to explore the unknown, further more, development needs the innovation to break the status quo. in the modern society full of competition, company cannot survive without innovation. the development of the enterprise relies on innovation, innovation is the enterprise’s life.

    in retrospect, the course of development of lucky was full of innovation. facing the future, lucky needs a stronger innovative spirit to meet the challenges.” development and innovation” is a new and all sided demand to lucky, because the success yesterday could not ensure the success of tomorrow . the market today changes instantly , only innovation could keep enterprise with vigor and development.

    “concerted effort” requires the employees work as team players so that a strong cohesiveness could be obtained inside the company.

    “concerted effort” also shows lucky’s decisiveness to rejuvenate the  state own enterprise and seek development for nation and economy,

    “concerted effort” also embodies lucky’s insight to the market, serving the consumer with heart and soul .

    with concerted efforts, lucky will creat a brilliant tomorrow.
value of lucky
---- service oriented, dedication prioritized ----

    in a market full of homogenized products, customer is not only satisfied with the products, but attaches more and more importance to service. good service could creat value to meet the requirement of higher level. only we are aware of the importance of good service can we increase the possibility of winning the customers in market competition with the customer being the focus.

    with a view to the market competition today, lucky has finished the transformation from a  high tech  manufacturer to a high tech server. the enhancement of positioning of company granted lucky new value.

    value of lucky is to supply the good quality image  information recording product and service; the value of lucky people is “dedicated to work” which fully complies with the value of lucky.

    “service oriented” is a brand new value, it shows lucky people’s attitude towards  the customers;  “dedication prioritized” is kind of spirit to service the customers. it requests lucky people to be dedicated to the development of the lucky  and to be mindful of the overall interests of the company.

    taking “service” as a foothold in the market, “dedication” as the work guidelines, lucky will be an invincible team in market competition.

mission of lucky
--- recording the information of era, serving the modern life ---

    in intense competition, development is always the 1st demand to a company. through  the development for 40 years, lucky is determined to creat a new page and stepped into a new phase of development. in this process, lucky need have a strong vision , far insight into the future and timely adjust the strategy.

    in the transit of the 21st  century, lucky determinedly made a transformation from being manufacturer of photo sensitive material to a imaging information recording server .this transformation not only brings lucky into the information industry of rosy future with the proprietary technology ,but prompt lucky to have a more amplitude space and high level pursuit.

    “recording the era information, serving the modern life” is the new mission of lucky. lucky’s products, i.e. photo film, photo paper, magnetic material  or electronic imaging media material all belong to the carrier of the information. “recording the era information” reflects the feature of lucky’s field and embodies the obligation of the era lucky shoulders; “serving the modern life” is a reflection of lucky’s social responsibility which shows lucky’s service and attitude, that is, “customer is always the no.1”.

    each lucky people should bear in mind the vision of lucky and serve the modern life with the improving high tech information recording products. 
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