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china lucky group corporation (herein after referred to as “china lucky”) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of china aerospace science and technology corporation. china lucky, formerly known as baoding cinefilm manufacturing factory was founded in 1958, ranked as one of the most important projects in the first five-year plan in china. for more than half century, china lucky always adheres to independent innovation and hard struggle spirit. after undergoing “three time ventures and two time restructuring”, china lucky has transformed from the traditional photographic material manufacturer to a modern enterprise which integrates research and development, manufacturing and service in graphic arts materials, high performance functional film & coating materials and imaging media materials field. and china lucky is the largest scientific research and manufacturing base for digital printing materials and imaging materials in china, the large scientific research and manufacturing base for middle and high-grade optical film and film processing products used in flat-panel display, and chinese r&d and manufacturing base for specialty photo sensitive materials and specialty film materials.
china lucky owns two famous brand-“lucky” and “huaguang”. “huaguang” is the first brand of printing & graphic arts materials in china. china lucky has 6 subordinate and branch units, 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 5 holding subsidiaries, 25 joint-stock companies, of which there are 2 listing companies. the major manufacturing bases are located in baoding in hebei province, nanyang in henan province, hefei in anhui province, shenyang in liaoning province, shantou in guangdong province and tianjin. by the end of 2015, there are 7900 employees, including more than 2500 technicians such as academicians of china engineering academy, phd, senior engineers and various professional personnel.
china lucky has always paid great attention to independent innovation and has formalized a complete technology innovation system including r&d institute, r&d department and research center. through many years of accumulation, china lucky has formed three core technologies-- “micro particles, film forming, coating”. setting up state-level enterprise technology center and national postdoctoral center, china lucky is the support organization of national standardization committees for photo-sensitive materials, magnetic recording media, digital imaging materials and printing & graphic arts materials, optical functional film materials.
based on the transformation achievements of the “11th five-year plan”, china lucky has positioned its future development direction as the advanced materials and system service provider at the strategic level. combined with the development direction of national advanced materials industry and strategic emerging industry, china lucky has focused on and developed three core business—printing & graphic arts materials, high performance film & coating materials and imaging & information materials, building nanyang, baoding, hefei as three key industrial bases for professionalization and appropriate mass production. during the “12th five-year plan” period, china lucky keeps steady growth in r&d investment, which accounts for more than 3.7% of its sales revenue every year.
at present, the main products of china lucky are in the domestic leading position, among which the market share of the major new products such as flexographic plate and ctp plate has surpassed foreign competitors to become the first in china; the domestic first position of products such as ps plate, color photographic paper, speciality film, thermal magnetic ticketing card and magnetic stripe has been strengthened and enhanced; the optical pet film(polyester film) and tac film(triacetate cellulose)has successfully constructed the development foundation of china lucky in electro-optic display field, filling the blank of key raw materials in upstream industry for the flat panel device. the products have been successfully applied to the lcd products of many domestic and foreign famous brands such as hisense, haier, changhong, tcl, samsung and lg. with the deep-going advance of structure adjustment, the brand influence of lucky is promoted continuously. lucky brand has high brand recognition and added new connotation; as the famous brand in domestic printing & graphic arts industry, the influence of “huaguang” is being enhanced continuously.
in the future, china lucky will keep the strategic positioning “the world leading civil-military integrated advanced materials and system service provider” and the target of “13th five-year plan” that to be the company with billions scale for advanced materials and application industry in china aerospace science and technology corporation. supported by technology innovation and talents team construction, the three core business—imaging & information materials, printing & graphic arts materials and high performance film & coating materials will develop together to shape a new lucky and new image with “top-level management, high quality products, first-class service and outstanding achievements”.
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